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Corylus Book is a new venture aiming to publish exciting new voices translated into English.

The people behind the company have very different backgrounds, in academia, publishing and more, as well as having a mixture of language, translation and other skills between the four of us.

What brings us together is a deep appreciation of fiction – particularly crime fiction, even more particularly crime fiction with a social dimension – and a strong interest in books from countries that have so far been under-represented in English.

It took a little while before we figured out that we were all thinking along similar lines and that we wanted to take a chance on presenting some of the great European crime fiction that wouldn’t normally make its way into English. With a shared passion for crime fiction and having all participated in or been in involved crime fiction festivals, it seemed the logical next step, and with that, Corylus Books came into being.

Shrouded by by Sólveig Pálsdóttir


By Sólveig Pálsdóttir

Murder Under the Midnight Sun by Stella Blómkvist

Murder Under the Midnight Sun

By Stella Blómkvist

Rodolfo Walsh's Last Case by Elsa Drucaroff

Rodolfo Walsh's Last Case

By Elsa Drucaroff