by Sólveig Pálsdóttir | Translated by Quentin Bates

A retired, reclusive woman is found on a bitter winter morning, clubbed to death in Reykjavik’s old graveyard.

Detectives Guðgeir and Elsa Guðrún face one of their toughest cases yet, as they try to piece together the details of Arnhildur’s austere life in her Red House in the oldest part of the city. Why was this solitary, private woman attending séances, and why was she determined to keep her severe financial difficulties so secret? Could the truth be buried deep in her past and a long history of family enmity, or could there be something more?

A stranger keeps a watchful eye on the graveyard and Arnhildur’s house. With the detectives running out of leads, could the Medium, blessed and cursed with uncanny abilities, shed any light on Arnhildur’s lonely death?

Shrouded is the fourth of Sólveig Pálsdóttir’s novels featuring Reykjavík detectives Guðgeir and Elsa Guðrún to be translated into English.

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