EAST OF A KNOWN GALAXY. An Anthology of Romanian Sci-Fi Short Stories


A Word from the Editors # A Note on Romanian Science Fiction Literature from Past to Present – Mariano Martín Rodríguez # Silviu Genescu – Transformation # Daniel Timariu – Bodies to Let # Cristian Vicol – Radio Killed the Video Star # Florin Purluca – The First Man to Walk on the Moon # Miloș Dumbraci – Tiger-men # Teodora Matei – Cursed Night! # Liviu Surugiu – The Dinner # Alexandru Lamba – Bug # Lucian-Dragoș Bogdan – The Story of Xieng Baohui # Cătălina Fometici – Beyond Night’s Veil # Lucian-Vasile Szabo – Mary Stenton Returns to the Motherland # Ciprian-Ionuț Baciu – Serpents among the Scent of Algae.



Dear reader,

We hope that this anthology will be a pleasant acquaintance with contemporary Romanian Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature. East of a Known Galaxy, a title which came up while editing “Helion Online Magazine”, one of the most important literary publications of its kind in Romania, became our battle cry in the months prior to the publication of this collection. While reading dozens of stories – Romanian or Eastern European, we wondered why so few of us (here in the East, but also in Europe) are known outside our country, on the “big Sci-Fi/Fantasy stage” as some may call it. Is it bad luck? Is it the language? Is it the themes and subjects we tackle? It certainly isn’t quality, originality or talent. This book bears witness to this claim.

Daniel Timariu & Cristian Vicol


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