Sólveig Pálsdóttir

Sólveig Pálsdóttir has a diverse background. She’s a trained actor and has performed in theatre, television and radio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from the University of Iceland along with a degree in teaching. Sólveig taught Icelandic literature and linguistics, drama and public speaking for many years and has produced a number of radio programmes and managed cultural events.

Her first novel Leikarinn (The Actor) was published in 2012 to rave reviews and weeks at the top of best-sellers lists. It is now being developed as a motion picture. The second novel, Hinir réttlátu (The Righteous Ones), was published the following year, and also became a best-seller. Both novels have been published in Germany by Aufbau as Eiskaltes Gift and Tote Wale. Her third novel, Flekklaus (Pure), was published in March 2015.
Her fourth book, Refurinn (The Fox) also made its way to Iceland’s best-seller list.

All her novels have been shortlisted for the Icelandic Crime Fiction Awards and have been praised for their narrative, attention to detail and sympathetic characters.

Fjötrar (Silenced) was published in 2019 and won the Icelandic Drop of Blood award for the year’s best crime novel, and was shortlisted for the Nordic Glass Key Award.
Sólveig lives in Reykjavík and is married with three children and two grandchildren.