Teodora Matei

Teodora Matei comes from Ploiești, on the outskirts of Bucharest, and by day works at a design institute. Her first novel The Master of the Castle, appeared in 2012, followed by the steampunk-crime novel The Butterfly Man in 2015, written with SF/romance/thriller author Lucian-Dragoș Bogdan.

Teodora has moved between fantasy, romance and crime – and back again, with the romantic All the Time in the World, SF novels The-One-That-Feels, Father’s Wings, The Master of the Castle, and One Night at the Castle. She has also contributed to the Bucharest Noir, Gastro Noir and Timișoara Noir collections edited by Bogdan Hrib & Daniel Timariu.

Her debut crime story Living Candles, published by Corylus Books in 2019 and featuring Bucharest police Commissioner Anton Iordan, is her first work to be translated into English.
A second novel in the Bucharest Noir series, Domestic Affairs, is on the way.